Moving forwards

Event Washrooms were tasked with building an "uber" or oversized special build trailer for a luxury wedding venue in Brighton. The trailer was to be mains connected in its initial form, with the option to have it swiftly converted to recycle once it had finished its stint at the venue.

Clients Spec

Because this was to be a mainly site located unit, the client requested it be built to the full width that is allowed on UK roads. This gave the interior of the unit a much more spacious feel, although feeling a little wide on the way down to Brighton on the narrow roads of the Kent countryside.

The exterior of the unit was finished with oak sided steps with stainless steel hand rails. The box and floor of the unit contained zero timber insuring a guaranteed long life. Made from Eco font foam filled panels and a specially made foam engineered floor the unit was both strong and light.

Internally fitted out in oak with glass bowl sinks and top end bathroom fittings, the unit was really finished to impress.

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