12th October 2015

It’s one of life’s many wonders; well if you’re a man that is. You stand and you wait… and you wait… and you’re still waiting… No, she hasn’t found a secret passage to Narnia, she’s just using the bathroom.

However, it’s thought that on average, a woman takes up to three times longer than a man when taking a trip to the lavatory. So what is it that takes women so long? It’s simple really…

1. The Queue

Judging by the length of the queue for the ladies room, it seems all women answer to natures call at the same time. There is almost always a long line waiting for the next available cubical and unlike the men’s, its not as simple as an ‘in and out’ system.

2. The Conversation

With such a long wait, its only natural that women pass the time with some light hearted conversation, isn’t it? Complimenting each others lip stick, discussing where to get those boots and even comparing parenting tips; it’s amazing what conversations can strike up at anytime in the ladies line.

3. The Equipment

Where men have urinals and are therefore expected to do their thing and leave, women have the luxury of a private cubical. So, whether its readjusting a strap, making a phone call or even updating social media – in that cubical, nothing is impossible.

4. The Mirror

Well, what more can you expect; you offer a women a mirror, she’s going to use it. With these magical, reflective walls women can reapply their make-up, redo their hair, basically they can get ready all over again.

5. The Selfie

We’re a nation with a fondness for selfies and if a women is caught looking photo-ready in the loo, she isn’t going to pass up an opportunity. If she’s with friends, then expect a good five minutes to be dedicated to getting the perfect shot.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who taking longest in the toilet of them all?’

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