23rd May 2016

Going to the toilet is usually a fairly unspectacular experience. Go in, do your thing, and come out.

Here at Event Washrooms, we try to do things a little bit differently with our luxury portable toilets, and we’ve decided to scour the internet to try and find some of the weirdest and most wonderful lavatories from around the world.

Some are simply reflective of different cultures while others are just plain weird!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Unfortunately, Iceland was hit pretty hard by the global financial crisis toward the end of the last decade, and one bar in the capital of Reykjavik took up this novel approach to get back at the bankers.

They painted the faces of well-known bankers onto their urinals to give punters a bit of target practice!

Tokyo, Japan

Always a go-to location for the weird and wonderful, Japan is home to the world’s smallest toilet!

The tiny toilet was created using nanotechnology and is little more than a nanometre wide, meaning it’s invisible to the naked eye!

While you’d think scientists might have something better to do than make tiny toilets, it was all worth it as they were recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Berlin, Germany

While they can be found across Europe ‘Pissoirs’ are particularly popular in Berlin. These structures are essentially public urinals with screens to shield the user from view.

The Berlin pissoirs are especially elegant, with a green, octagonal design.

Halong Bay, Vietnan

If you happen to find yourself caught short with sailing down Halong Bay in Vietnam, fear not, as they have these handy ‘sail-thru’ toilets!

Think of them as the service stations of the water!

Freiburg, Germany

This restaurant in Freiburg has got really creative with their urinal situation, utilising three tubas!

While there’s something strangely artistic about their effort, we really hope they aren’t planning to sell these tubas back to their local music store afterwards…

London, England

Back in 2003, artist Monica Bonvici set up this installation outside the Tate Britain gallery to test its user’s bravery.

How so? The toilet is made using one-way mirrors, so the user can see everybody walking by on the street, but they won’t be able to see in!


Back to Japan, where toilets in general are a lot more elaborate than here in the west.

Japan is home to everything from simple ‘squat toilets (which are considered more hygienic) to the more sophisticated bidet style toilets which often have a panel of controls which can do everything to warm your seat or act as a bidet!

Ski Resorts, Asia

Not for the faint hearted, numerous ski resorts across Asia did up their bathrooms to give visitors a 360-degree view from atop a steep ski jump ramp as part of a promotion for Coca-Cola a couple of years ago.

You could even strap on a pair of skis to give yourself the true ski jump experience!

Akashi, Japan

If you fancy a bit of company while you pop to the loo, this restaurant toilet completely surrounds you with fishes, being built into the side of an aquarium!

Queensferry Crossing, Scotland

Work is currently underway on what is set to be the highest bridge in the UK, but where do you go to do your business when you’re working at that height?

Thankfully, bosses have used huge cranes to install portable toilets at the top of the 206m high towers!

Guadalajara, Mexico

While it’s not quite as high as the previous one, we bet this toilet sure feels like it!

Situated above a 15-storey lift shaft with a see-through floor, we don’t envy the owner of this luxury penthouse in Mexico, no matter how beautiful the rest of it looks!

It all makes our luxury portable toilets seem a relatively boring in comparison! But if you do fancy making your next event that little bit more comfortable for you and your guests, then please feel free to get in touch.

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