Beards Are Full of Poo?!

11th May 2015

It might have surprised some people to see recently that toilets made the newspapers. Or rather, that beards made the news for being found to contain the same bacteria also present in the average family toilet. In the age of the antibiotic resistant ‘super bug’ though, it really shouldn’t be so shocking to see that the Guardian, the Metro, the Mirror and almost all major news providers considered this news worthy. Here at Event Washrooms it only goes to show that luxury toilets which are available with hand-washing facilities aren’t just a luxury, but a necessity.

A Series OF Shocking Finds

The story appeared after this New Mexico TV news segment became available online. During the TV segment, a reporter swabbed a number of gentlemen’s beards and had the swabs analysed by microbiologist, Jon Golobic. The findings have shocked many.

Beards Contained Enterics

The beards swabbed were found to harbour bacteria known as ‘enterics’. ‘Enterics’, for those not fluent in microbiological terminology, are a type of bacteria most commonly found living in human intestines. Thus, the same bacteria are also to be found living in and around our toilets, and as Mr Golobic quite elegantly phrased it ‘Those are the types of things you’d find in faeces’.

The Guardian newspaper, in response, has attempted to somewhat alleviate concerns after the story went global and hit headlines in Newspapers as far flung as The New York Post, The Indian Express and Australia’s website. The world’s bearded population (and the partner’s faced very literally with having to kiss them) needn’t rush for the razors, the Guardian assures us: ‘Human skin is home to great diversity of microbes, and it’s not unheard of for types of bacteria normally found in the gut, such as E.coli, to be also found on the skin.’

Whilst this news might ease the panic of some, countering headlines that suggest beards may contain poo with news that potentially harmful bacteria such as E.coli might be present on our skin at any given time, it only makes us here at Event Washrooms all the more proud that our luxury toilets are available with very well equipped washing facilities!

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