30th October 2018

When it comes to public toilets, your first thought is usually, “I’ll just hold it until I get home”, and rightfully so! Some public toilets aren’t the most hygienic. Yet, however hard we try, sometimes there’s just no holding it, and all you can do is take a deep breath and take the plunge! Not Literally!

However, not all public toilets are as gross as the one in your local park. In fact, there are some public toilets around the world that many people travel from miles around to visit, for no other reason that they are simply incredible yet bizarre! So we have put together some of the craziest public toilets from around the world.

No.1 – New York’s Golden Throne

So we thought we’d start off with some style, and who doesn’t love some gold! Well, in 2016 inside New York’s Guggenheim Museum, an 18 Karat gold cast toilet was fitted. The throne was made by Italian artist and sculpture Maurizio Cattelan and is called “America”. But don’t be fooled by this lavish art piece, believe it or not, this toilet is fully functioning and fit for museum visitors to use.


No.2 – Don’t Miss a Sec

For the most part, while doing your businesses, you’ll want some privacy. But how would you feel if you could see everyone walking past you while you’re going about your business? Oh, also it’s in the middle of a busy London street? Well, believe it or not in 2004 Italian artist Monica Bonvicin created that very illusion. The one-way glass cube housed a single prison toilet inside, and the whole creation sat outside the Tate Modern museum in London. From the outside, it looks like a mirrored box, with only you and your surroundings visible as a reflection, however, once inside you can see everything that is around you. Talk about getting stage fright…


No.3 – Stegastein Lookout

Talk about a loo with a view! This honestly has to be one of the most spectacular places, with hands down the most breathtaking views you can get anywhere, forget using the toilet! These stunning public toilets are located along one of Norway’s national tourist routes known as ‘Aurlandsfjellet’ and designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen, these public toilets overhang a cliff, and give users a once in a lifetime view while on the loo.


No.4 – London’s Pop-Up PortaLoos

While on a night out, the last thing people are worried about is public toilets, which is why with more and more popping up around towns and cities, they are a great way to reduce public urination. That exact idea was the inspiration for London’s pop-up public toilets, where from 10 pm until the early hours of the morning, men (sadly not fit for women’s use) roaming the streets of London have a place to relieve themselves.    


No.5 – Swiss Hut

A scenic loo with a view, that’s right a rival for Norway’s Stegastein lookout! This alpine route leads to Switzerland’s Giovanni Segantini hut that certainly captures the surroundings. This toilet was named after Austrian artist Giovanni Segantini, who was a frequent walker of the mountainous route. He certainly did have the call of nature.


If you prefer a sense of normality and comfort while you empty the tank, then the mountains of Switzerland might not be the best option, or maybe you’re looking for luxury but can’t afford that golden throne. Well, take a look at our range for luxury toilet hire and find the best option for you.

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