19th August 2017

The image that usually springs to mind when you think of the perfect honeymoon is probably along the lines of lying on a golden sandy beach shaded by palm trees, overlooking clear blue waters as you sip a Pina Colada next to your newly wed.

However whilst Bora Bora, Fiji or The Bahamas are all popular and wonderful destinations for you to kick back and relax as you celebrate the union of your new marriage, this type of honeymoon isn’t for everyone.

The accommodation is obviously an important part of the trip that you want to get spot on, however there are plenty of other ways that you can spend your honeymoon and perhaps do something a little different to the conventional beach holiday.

Therefore let’s take a look at what some of the alternative options for your honeymoon suite could be in order to help ensure that your honeymoon is as special and memorable as possible.


If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, then it doesn’t get much better than sleeping under the stars.

Although you might be opposed to spending your honeymoon on a camping site which we understand isn’t for everyone, glamping makes a fantastic alternative for a slightly more interesting getaway with your loved one.

We’re not talking about pitching a tent in the rain and sitting next a camp fire heating up baked beans in a pan, but glamping helps to combine luxury outdoor living so that you can enjoy fantastic countryside whilst also being comfortable.

From shepherd’s huts to yurts and even tree houses, there are plenty of glamping options to suit your preferences. For example Long Valley Yurts located in Cumbria could offer you a glamorous camping experience and is also fabulously situated close to the Lake District giving you plenty of options to explore the fantastic scenery and really embrace the outdoors.

However if you’re looking for a warmer destination but still like the idea of trying your hand at glamping, then the benefit of glamping is that it is worldwide and gives you the opportunity of going on holiday whilst reconnecting with nature. Take a look at Bridal Guide’s article highlighting The Most Luxurious Glamping Honeymoons.

A Cruise

A cruise is something that you might not have considered before, but honeymoon cruises are the perfect way for you to escape all of the post-wedding hustle and bustle and enjoy some quality time as a couple.

If you’re still looking for a tropical getaway, then cruises do offer the opportunity for you to visit a number of beautiful destinations meaning that you still have the flexibility to choose exactly where you would like to go.

Many cruises also offer special packages for newly weds adding a romantic touch for your holiday. For example Princess Cruises Honeymoon Celebration Package includes a bottle of champagne with engraved souvenir glasses, flowers, a framed formal portrait and chocolates. You can upgrade the honeymoon package even further and enjoy a visit to their Lotus Spa, champagne breakfast in bed and even a personalized invitation from the Captain for you to visit the bridge while in port.

Choosing the right cruise for you may take a bit of research depending on what you’re wanting to do whilst you’re away, but the benefit is that they are often more hassle free and sometimes even cheaper than traditional holidays. Head to Cruise Critic to find out about making the most of your cruise trip and tips for what to do whilst you’re away.

A City Break

Peaceful and remotely located holidays aren’t for everyone, therefore if you’d prefer a honeymoon escape where there is a bit more going then a city break could make a great alternative for your honeymoon.

However just because you aren’t located on a remote beach front with miles of sandy beaches and waters surrounding you, this doesn’t mean that your accommodation should be anything less than luxurious for your city break honeymoon.

Apartments are great alternatives to hotels as you have the benefit of having being more spacious for you to enjoy and make the most of, for example most apartments will include cooking facilities and have a lounge area so that you have the option of spending more time in your apartment as opposed to escaping your hotel room at the fist opportunity.

Clarendon London offer a variety of stylish accommodation in London, throughout the UK and across the world, therefore if you have a city in mind that you’re keen to visit but are still looking to secure the perfect accommodation for your holiday, then Clarendon could be the perfect solution for hassle free, luxurious accommodation.


Your honeymoon destination doesn’t necessarily have to be outside the UK, therefore why not think of keeping it local and renting out a lodge for your honeymoon getaway?

Located all over the UK, lodges and holiday cottages can offer you the perfect escape to experience a new location whilst staying in luxurious self catered accommodation.

Not only do you have the flexibility of being situated throughout the UK and avoid the hassle of having to book flights and transfers, but the advantage of lodges is that you can choose how long you would like to go for.

If you are more limited for time, then you can often book lodge accommodation for long weekends and you won’t loose out on travelling time and waste time feeling jet lagged and drowsy during your time away.

Your honeymoon is a chance for you to spend some quality time as a newly wed couple, therefore a luxury lodge situated in a secluded location such as Log House Holidays is the perfect way for you to enjoy a memorable and romantic stay.

Each of the Log House Holiday cabins located on a stunning nature reserve in the Cotswolds includes a lakeside hot tub, traditional log fire and Irish loch boat.

Therefore if you love the outdoors and would enjoy opting for accommodation with more privacy and serenity, then lodge style accommodation could be the perfect choice of honeymoon suite for you!


The type of honeymoon suite that you decide on is down to your personal preference and what you would like to do whilst you are away. If a quieter setting giving you the opportunity to mix with nature is for you, then glamping or a lodge style accommodation could be the one for you, yet if you would prefer to be amongst the hustle and bustle of city life and mingle with other people, then a city break or cruise are also great alternatives.

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