How To Make Your Toilet Smell Better

3rd August 2018

Sparying air freshener in a bathroom

If you’re planning an outdoor event for a large group of people, you’ve probably considered how to provide adequate toilet facilities. Being outside can be a great solution to a lack of space, but you’ll need to bring in enough mobile toilets to make sure there are no unfortunate accidents!

However, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or large garden party, there’s one thing which is guaranteed to put everyone off: a smelly toilet. No-one wants to have the dubious festival experience of having an unhygienic bathroom, but the good news is that this doesn’t have to be this way. Here are a few ways to help your toilet smell much fresher.


Opt for a different solution

Chemical toilets are often what portable loos are all about, but it’s difficult to avoid that distinctive odour, no matter how clean the facilities are kept. For huge gatherings where the crowds are likely to number into tens of thousands, there may be no other viable option, but for smaller gatherings, there is a choice.

Fresh flushing toilets are a great alternative for wedding parties, corporate events and other types of occasion. Rather than the typical grubby feel, these toilets look and feel completely different.

Eschewing the chemical toilet option and choosing a high quality mobile toilet will mean that your guests are left talking about the great time they had, rather than the state of the bathrooms!


Different alternatives

VIP mobile toilet solutions are very flexible, giving you a choice of alternatives depending on the site of your mobile toilet block. Whether you require just a single toilet, or a larger block which is capable of handling hundreds of guests, there is more than one option.

Your mobile toilet can be hooked up to the mains water system, via a manhole. This needs to be available within 300 metres of the unit and is managed via the pump station. If the mobile toilet is very close to the mains supply, it can be connected directly. If neither of these are viable, the toilet may use its own standalone system.

All of these solutions minimise the odour and ensure that you have a mobile toilet which smells much fresher and more fragrant than you might have feared.


Other factors

As well as the type of toilet, there are other factors which can influence how fresh the toilet smells. Look for a design which is well ventilated and has windows, ducts or vents to allow any unwanted odours to escape. Without these, you’ll have a box which is capable of trapping the very worst smells inside!

Placement is also key; no matter how high quality the mobile toilet is, if you place it under a hot sun, it could create some unwanted smells. Choosing a shady area will not just make the toilet more comfortable, it minimises the risk of making it less than fragrant.

If you want to be extra sure about keeping unwanted smells at bay, there’s are toilet fresheners available for purchase. These can be used both pre and post toilet visits, and will help keep the facilities pleasant for the next person to come along!


Choose a VIP loo today!

No matter what type of event you’re planning, a good quality toilet will really help. Talk to us here at Event Washrooms today to get free help and advice on how to choose a bathroom that’s right for you.

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