8th October 2018

Themed weddings are a great chance for creative couple to express their own unique personalities on the most special day of their lives. However, with all the advantages that a themed wedding brings, there are a few things to consider.

What Are Themed Weddings?

Themed weddings have been planned, decorated and styled to fit with a particular theme. This could be as diverse as an era in history, a musical style, a favourite movie, a country or culture, sci-fi or other pop-culture genre, a fairytale, a book, a sport or even a fashion trend. Some of the most common themed weddings are those with a fantasy, industrial, bohemian, country, rustic or vintage theme.

How Do I Host A Themed Wedding?

Many of the elements involved in planning your themed wedding are the same as those which would be involved in planning a classic wedding. However, everything sourced, booked and bought is connected to the overall theming.

While some couples go to town on their theme, incorporating it into every single aspect of their big day, others simply add a few touches in some elements of the event. For example, if your wedding theme is luxury and glamour, you could add diamond detailing to your decorations, have jewelled bouquets and buttonholes, and even arrange luxury toilet hire so your guests can enjoy an outstanding experience.

Why Have A Themed Wedding?

There are a number of advantages to hosting a themed wedding day:

  • You can express your creativity and have fun
  • Your guests will have a truly memorable experience
  • Everyone can get involved
  • Many themes are cost-effective thanks to DIY décor, pre-loved clothing or vintage accessories

Are There Any Downsides?

There are some things to bear in mind before you decide to go all-out for your themed wedding:

  • Themed wedding can be expensive depending on your chosen theme
  • You may have guests who aren’t keen to join in
  • Sourcing the right services, props and clothing can be time consuming

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to arrange a themed wedding, but there are also a few things to think about. In the end, it’s your special day, so it’s most important to put your wishes first. If you’ve been dreaming of a themed wedding for years, you should absolutely go for it. Keep the people who you will be inviting in the back of your mind when you’re making your arrangements and try to stick to your theme, without pushing your guests out of their comfort zone.

If you decide to have a themed wedding celebration, the key to success is planning in advance and making sure that nothing has been forgotten. Wedding toilet hire may be easy to forget in the excitement of planning, for example, but is a vital element of your big day. Contact us to find out more about our luxury toilet hire in the South East.

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