17th July 2015

There’s nothing quite like making the most of summer by holding your celebration outdoors. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday or retirement party, partying the night away outdoors will make your occasion one that will be remembered and talked about for time to come.

This blog is our list of top tips to add the icing on the cake of your outdoor celebration and includes some little details that can make a big difference to your day.


Don’t just settle for a basic marquee. If you’re going to celebrate, then celebrate it in style. Hire a marquee that has windows in the side panels. Not only will this make the most of the natural daylight in the early evening, but it will also look really enticing to your guests as they arrive.

Whilst you are booking the marquee, make sure that a dance floor is provided. Can you imagine taking your first wedding dance wearing heels on the grass?

Luxury Washrooms

Our speciality at Event Washrooms is providing luxury mobile toilet facilities. Our luxury toilets are a million miles away from the toilet cubicles that you’ll see at events like music festivals. They are the same sort of standard that you could expect in a hotel including hot and cold running water, hand dryers and lighting. In short they’re the sort of toilets you’d be happy to use when you’re in your wedding finery. Visit our ranges page to find out more about our luxury toilet range.

Table Decorations

The beauty of your outdoor setting means that you don’t need to spend so much time or effort on the decorations inside the Marquee. One table decoration that will look great in the evening and your guests will really appreciate are citronella candles. Citronella candles help keep insects and bugs away.


We really hope that you are blessed with good weather on the day of your celebration, but in case the worst happens it pays to plan ahead. Speak to your friends and guests ahead of the event and see how many golfing umbrellas you can round up. Failing that, buy 10 golf umbrellas to leave near the marquee entrance if it rains. Your guests will really appreciate this when they need pop outside.

We hope that your Summer celebration becomes a day to remember. If you have any tips for outdoor celebrations, why not leave us a comment on this blog post or share the experience of your big day.

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