25th August 2015

Along with finding the right dress, venue, cake…and partner, choosing the right live band for your wedding is high on the list. Picking the music for your big day can be tricky though. At first a whole playlist might form in your mind. You might have known what you want your ‘first dance’ song to be since childhood. Equally, your partner might have their own ideas. The problem(s) can arise when attempting to answer the following questions or address the following considerations:

  • Ceremony music / song
  • First Dance Song
  • Combining different sounds for the ceremony, reception and ‘after do’
  • Pleasing your guests
  • Incorporating your own music loves and favourite songs appropriately

These are all things to consider when planning a wedding. Hence, the internet is awash with guides to doing exactly that. Of the wealth of online wedding music guides, that provided by the Practical Wedding website, on which blogger Liz offers the tips and tricks she learned through planning her own wedding playlist. Whilst Liz and her partner opted to DJ their own wedding, her advice is none the less useful and relevant when it comes to picking out what sounds you want to hear on your big day.

Choosing The Music

Speaking of which, picking a band, singer or musician(s) should be your second consideration – especially if you are struggling to identify exactly what sort or combinations of genres you want and how to blend genres.  The best advice is to speak with some bands and / wedding musicians. Advice professional musicians, especially dedicated wedding singers and bands, can offer can prove invaluable.

Fortunately, searching for wedding bands, musicians and singers within your chosen wedding locale, budget and tastes is not the huge, stressful or tricky task it might first seem. One way to get access to a  lot of different wedding musicians willing to travel to where your venue is without having to resign yourself first to one genre or type of musician, is to search via a specialist agency such as Band Hire UK.

Such agencies provides people searching for musicians of every type and genre a practical means of finding exactly what they are looking for – even if they themselves haven’t quite decided what that it is. So, to take some of the stress out of wedding band hunting and save a lot of time, give it a go. It is a hassle saving means of finding the right band for you, your partner and your guests.

Another, lesser taken advantage of, but valuable means of going about finding the right live band for your big day is to read, listen to and speak with actual wedding bands and musicians. Yes, I have mentioned doing as much already, but in a different context. When you are searching for potential wedding musicians and speaking with them you are doing so as part of a negotiation. You want to establish a rapport with a musician, identify whether they can provide what you want and talk budgets and cost. Hence, the talks you have will have an agenda. This isn’t a bad thing; it is necessary, in fact. That said, it can be useful to seek more neutral advice ahead of speaking directly with potential wedding bands and musicians you are considering hiring.

Published on the Offbeat Bride website is a particularly good article written by a professional wedding musician, for example, titled, ‘A Musician’s Guide to Having Live Music at Your Wedding’ which provides an insightful read for anyone considering live music as part of their wedding entertainment – whatever your style, taste and budget.

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