26th August 2016

Toilets are one of the most contentious issues at the UK’s music festivals. At best, you can grin and bear them, and at worst they’re simply unusable.

In fact, 63% of festival goers said they wouldn’t return, purely because of the state of the loos!

Or at least, that used to be the case! The fact is that there’s all manner of different types of facilities available to the country’s festival goers, some much more glamorous than others.

Here are a couple of the toilet facilities you’re likely to encounter at the festivals are the UK!

Portable Toilets

These are your standard festival toilets. The ones that you’re most likely to think of when you think of a festival, and probably the ones that fill you with the most dread.

When it comes down to it, the loos themselves aren’t that bad at all. They usually have a foot pump activated flush and sink, with some hand sanitizer, but the problems come with the sheer amount of people that use them.

Portable toilets are presumably perfectly fine for the first couple of people that use them, but you can guarantee that by lunchtime on the first day of the weekend, they’re going to be more or less a no go area.

Not only this, but in the blistering heat of the British summer (if we’re lucky enough to get one), things can get more than a little sweaty in one of these claustrophobic cabins, and you don’t need to imagine what that does for the already unbearable stench.

Long Drop Toilets

These toilets have emerged as an alternative to the standard portable loo option, but they’re still relatively basic.

They’re essentially large metal frames which are placed over a large slurry pit in the ground.

They can usually fit around 20 toilets within them, so you won’t have to worry as much about queueing, and while they’re generally better than the cubicle option, just make sure you don’t look down.

On the plus side, they’re a much eco-friendlier option, and one which has been preferred by Glastonbury Festival.

Continental Toilets

A bit of a rarity at festivals in the UK, but you these types of toilets have been spotted at Glastonbury. Nothing too fancy, they’re a simple hole in the ground, with footprints on either side.

They’re a fairly straightforward option, but one which can require fairly good balance! Buckets of water and brushes are usually provided for clean-up afterwards!


It’s an unfortunate truth that the toilet situation at festivals is a lot better for guys, and in some cases, you might be fortunate enough to be provided with urinals, which eliminate a lot of the queuing and claustrophobia that come with cubicles!

Luxury Toilets

Of course, here at Event Washrooms, we believe that there’s really only one option when it comes to festival toilets, and that’s the full luxury treatment.

Luxury toilets will make you feel less like you’re in a muddy field, and more like you’re in a five-star hotel!

It’s the kind of little luxury which you don’t really expect from the squalor of a festival, and while it might only seem like a small thing, it can end up making a big difference to your weekend experience!

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