15th November 2018

For something that you generally do 4-8 times a day, going to the toilet can be a rather boring experience. It can be even worse for those longer visits, if you forget your phone and are left to sit and ponder all your life decisions up until this point in time.

Never fear though, designers and innovators are always looking to change things up and make them more exciting – and yes, that includes toilets. From fish bowls to Star Wars-inspired designs, here are some of the world’s best (and craziest) toilet bowls.

1) It’s a crap!

In a galaxy far far away… one Star Wars fan decided he needed his sci-fi fix in every room of the house – including the bathroom. We would laugh if only it wasn’t actually rather cool. With a millennium falcon seat and light up plunger that doubles as a lightsaber, we can imagine going to the toilet will feel slightly more out of this world. Just don’t start swinging around the plunger pretending you’re a Jedi. Please.


2) Rock and (toilet) roll

This toilet bowl is likely to strike a chord with anyone that uses it. American based company Jammin’ Johns design and create toilet bowls based on popular instruments, including guitars and pianos. Unfortunately, the guitar design doesn’t have strings to allow you to actually play it. We imagine toilet breaks would end up being slightly longer (and noisier) if they did, so it might be for the best.

3) A different kind of fish tank

Not got a lot of space for that new fish tank you really want? Why not save space and create a talking piece whenever someone needs to use your loo, by incorporating it into the toilet itself? This unique toilet is certainly a great choice for fish lovers, but we dread to imagine what might happen if the tank were to smash with all the fish inside it…


4) See while you pee

Undoing flies and checking your eyes is the name of the game with this unique spin on the toilet bowl. While it certainly looks great if you have a white toilet bowl to attach it onto, it naturally isn’t going to serve as a permanent replacement for yearly trips to the opticians – it’s going to look the same with a number one or a number two.

5) Taking the Mick

You know your band is doing pretty well when people decide to design luxury toilet bowls based around your logo. That’s exactly what happened to the Rolling Stones, who now have toilets based on their famous lips logo in The Goldman Hotel in Germany and The Rosenmeer Restaurant in France. We’re not sure if peeing on the logo of the band is a good or a bad thing, but hey, brand exposure!


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