18th April 2016

Summer is creeping up on the horizon which means one thing for the music industry, festival season is fast approaching!

With a number of pretty amazing music festivals worldwide, you might have already booked your tickets in great anticipation months ago, or perhaps you are currently in the process of planning and researching your festival experience for the upcoming months.

One of the decisions you will have to make when purchasing your tickets is whether you want to go with the standard festival ticket, or if you should opt for or upgrade your ticket to a VIP ticket.

Clearly upgrading your ticket will be more expensive, but you might be wondering whether or not it’s worth spending more money for better facilities, or whether you should just save the money you would have used to upgrade your ticket for use at the festival.

Therefore let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why purchasing a VIP could be worth the extra pennies and what exactly is different about an upgraded as opposed to standard ticket.

Access to VIP Areas

One of the biggest incentives to purchasing VIP tickets to a festival is that they could (although will depend on the individual festival) allow access into VIP or special backstage areas.

Glastonbury’s VIP Tickets for example gives you access to the inner circle of the inner stage meaning that you have the opportunity to get a much better view of the stage and performing artists which is great at such a huge festival.

The VIP tickets for Glastonbury also provide a backstage pass that gives admission to the area where the performers and managers are situated which is pretty special if you want to be amongst the stars and mingle with celebrities.

Use of the private food stalls and other high quality facilities in the backstage area is also another benefit of upgrading your ticket.

Comfier and More Telaxed Environment

Upgrading your ticket may also have the advantage of providing you with more spacious areas for you to relax in, rather than having to fight your way through the busy crowds with standard tickets.

If you’re not one to be found sitting on the muddy floor in the rain, then VIP tickets can often provide additional and comfier indoor and outdoor seating for you to enjoy.

Luxury Loo’s and Washing Facilities

The toilet facilities at such events can often be the biggest disappointment of the festival experience. After having spent awhile queuing and possibly losing your group in the process, you enter a small plastic box only to find that the loo roll has run out. 

However if you would appreciate a touch of luxury then the benefit of opting for a VIP ticket is that they often include much nicer and most importantly cleaner luxury toilets. To get a taste of what you could expect to enjoy then take a look at our range of VIP toilets.

Upgrading your ticket may also provide you with facilities to shower and get yourself spruced up and looking fresh for the day’s events. Therefore if the idea of not being able to take a shower for a few days doesn’t appeal to you, then this this is another reason as to why choosing a VIP ticket could be your preferred option.

Nicer Location

Another reason why you might you want to upgrade your festival experience to VIP standard is so that you can enjoy a much more picturesque and peaceful location.

RiZE Festival’s VIP tickets allows access to the exclusive and tranquil VIP area where you can experience fantastic scenes of the estate gardens at Hylands park. Therefore if you’d enjoy a festival location which is a step above the rest, then this is another of the benefits that upgrading your ticket could offer you.

Lavish Facilities

Every festival is different, therefore their VIP packages will vary quite widely, however if you would prefer festival experience which is more luxurious and glamorous then there a number of other facilities which might tempt you to upgrade your ticket.

We Are FSTVL for example offers a VIP village with impressive cocktail bars, complimentary pamper parlour, nail art and massage area, hot tubs and photo booths as well as queue jumping access.

These facilities probably won’t come with your standard festival ticket, therefore if you are looking to add a touch of glamour to your festival experience then upgrading your ticket could provide you with some pretty amazing benefits!

These are just some of the advantages that upgrading your ticket to VIP could provide you with. Making memories and having a great time is what it’s all about, therefore whether this is through mingling amongst celebrities and enjoying a wider range of more exclusive food stalls and bars, or whether you want to just soak up the traditional vibe of festivals and enjoy fantastic live music amongst friends then ultimately the decision really is up to you!

*Edited on 20th June 2018

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