If your looking for something to add an extra bit of luxury to your festival, we will have the washrooms for you

While we may not caterer for the bulk of your festival toilet requirements as we don’t hire chemi – loos, we may be able to help in areas where your trying to give your guests a little more luxury. From backstage trailers to green room areas for your artists we have the right product for you. Give us a call to see how we can help give your event that little extra.

Experience in this area

We have worked at festivals all over the UK providing luxury facilities for VIPS and green room areas for Artists. Our Logic range is ideal for creating personal washroom areas for your stars. A combination of single cubicle, single vanity and shower create and en suite feel to any green room area.

Our Albus 1 Plus 1 units are ideal for Artists and Guests where space is at a premium or your only catering for the main act and there entourage.

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