The Canaba Range by Event Washrooms

Event Washrooms are proud to offer the Canaba or Shepherds hut range of luxury toilets to its fleet. Designed and built by us, for you, sparing no cost or attention to detail, the Canaba range gives that little extra bit of theming to an area not normally covered at your event.

Speak to one of the team for for more details and to hire.

  • Authentic shepherds hut exterior and interior finish
  • Fully themed interior with period finishings
  • Hidden service area, revealed behind log store.
  • Watering can taps with bucket sinks for the maidens
  • Whiskey barrel taps and sinks for the stewards
  • Milk churn urinals
  • Mason jar lights
  • Authentic timber interior, and curved corrugated exterior

3 Plus 1 Layout

3 Ladies Cubicles, 2 Washbasins

1 Gents Cubicle, 2 Milk Churn Urinals, 1 Washbasin

250 Guests for 8 to 10hrs


Length 4.5m plus drawbar 1.3m

Width 2.3m

Height 3.7m

Weight 2300kg (dry)

Via 16 amp (A) connection with a current draw of 10 amps (A)

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